What People are Saying About David Mefford

"David was very patient and good with the technical students—most of whom were girls. 
He was never too busy to stop whatever he was doing to assist with a problem
or offer an explanation.  He was always very generous
with his time no matter what the situation."

Jayne Campbell 
Music Teacher & Choral Director 
Harvard-Westlake School
Bel Air, CA

"He is talented, dedicated and wonderful with young people. 
Without exception, ALL the students liked Mr. Mefford. 
He is terrific at both teaching his subject and
motivating students to do their very best."

Eileen Daniel-Riddle 
Director and Drama Teacher 
Beverly Hills High School
Beverly Hills, CA

Great public speaking skills…. You have got great ideas and you present them well.

Elisa Ball 
SOS Staffing Services
Provo, UT

"During my association with David, I found him to be a man of integrity,
honest and dependable.  I would recommend him for any position
that required good management and promotional skills."

Fred Ferre, Chairman 
AADCO Warehouse, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Ut

"During the time Dave worked on the show, (thirty performances of "My Turn On Earth,")
we toured throughout 5 western states, encountering such difficulties as
Mt. Saint Helen erupting during our Washington run. 
During all of this Dave remained unruffled and reliable."

Steven A. Lee 
Independent Film Producer
Provo, UT

"My past experience of over 30 years in the field of theatrical lighting,
as a consultant, designer, and factory representative tells me that
Mr. Mefford is an exceptional person, teacher,
lighting designer and technician."

Edward J. Schachter 
Theatrical Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
"As a student of David’s for three years (1986-1989) at Beverly Hills High School,
I watched David work repeated fourteen hour days and still maintain the
patience and evenness of temper which led both student
and teacher to seek advice and council, whether
personal or professional, in him."

Eric Michael David, MD, JD
Associate Principle, McKensey and Co.
San Fransisco, CA
Former student


"I have never had the pleasure of meeting a more knowledgeable, understanding
and congenial person… We found you to be a most unique individual for not
only did you have a wonderful and inspiring rapport with your students
assistants, you were, at all times, most cooperative, creative
and tireless in your efforts to satisfy the members
of our organization."
William F. Katzky 
Director of Temple Services 
Shalom Aleichem Temple of Creative Arts
Los Angeles, CA

"Incredible, is the only way to describe the cooperation and assistance of you and your staff… 
The lighting, the sound and the spirit and attitude of everyone involved not only
made things go smoothly but very delightful and comfortable
for everyone involved."

Louis M. Zigman 
Los Angeles Area Attorney
Chairman - New York Alumni Committee