Photos and Projects of David L. Mefford


Salt Lake City Tornado

In August of 1999, a tornado ripped through downtown Salt Lake City and cut a swath up through the Avenues. While working for Venturi Flood and Fire, David Mefford was able to secure the repair contract on eight different homes. Repairs consisted of the structural replacement of roof trusses, sheathing, shingles along with extensive drywall and painting repairs to the interiors. A total of $250,000 worth of work on 10 different homes was completed in about 4 months time.

The onsite coordination provided by Mr. Mefford was indespensible in the proper completion of these projects and the happy customers that were earned for the company.


Before and After Photos


Candle Caught Curtains on Fire in Master Bedroom


Bath Before Bath After
Bathroom after fire went through upstairs. Bathroom after all the repairs

Master Bedroom Master Closet
Master bedroom walls and master closet after the fire.


Frozen Pipes in Attic of Vacant Rental


Sheldon Interior Stove
This house had 6 frozen pipes in the attic that burst. Nearly all the drywall in the entire 2 bedroom house had to be replaced.

Stove Wete Stove 2
The stove was badly rusted and was refurbished. This is the stove cleaned out before restoration

Stove Finished
This is the stove restored and beautiful.


Grease Fire in Kitchen


Kitchen Fire Kitchen Fire Restored
Grease fire on stove top. Cabinets were cleaned and repainted to match existing antiquing process.


Car Through Garage


GarageGarage Finished
Car drove through the wrong end of the garage. Made repairs and matched brick.


Grease Fire in Kitchen


Kitchen Fire 2 Kitchen Fire 2 Completed
Grease fire on stove top that damaged the cabinets and needed replacement.



This is How We Found Them


Moldy Shower Wall
Mold growing inside the wall of a curved shower. Had to replace
framing, glass block and tile shower surround.



Flooded Apartment
This condo had nearly 3 feet of water, as you can see by the water line on the doors.



Flooded Bedroom
This bedroom has 6 inches of muddy water. We had to remove 2 feet of drywall from the bottom of the wall as well as the baseboard, repaint and replace the carpet.



Factory Roof
Water from a frozen swamp cooler line created an ice sculpture on the roof that was the size of a VW Bug before the weight caused the roof to collapse.

Factory Inside
Fortunatly, everyone had walked out for lunch 10 minutes before the roof collapsed.



Water Mark
This basement had 18 inches of standing water that had to be pumped out, dried and cleaned.



Mud Through Window
This mud came through the window when the sprinkler line outside broke and flooded the yard and basement.



Broken Window
This flood filled up the window well until the window broke and flooded the basement. The source was run-off water from an uncompleted catchbasin for a new subdivision on a hillside.



Garage Door
The owner forgot to put on the parking break and went into the house. The car did too.



Wood Floor
The fridge water line leaked and destroyed the wood flooring.

Wood Floor 2
Another photo showing where the boards actually jumped out of the floor. This had to all be replaced.



Mud on Laminate
Muddy water flowed in the basement onto this laminate floor. It had to be replaced.



Cabinet Shop
This was a cabinet shop, but the laquer spray booth caught on fire.

Spray Booth
This is what was left of the spray booth.



Smoke on Ceiling
Smoke on ceiling from grease fire. This was cleaned, sealed and repainted.



SToilet Sewage
This is what happens when the main sewer line in the street becomes blocked with the body of a dead dog.
Yes, that is fecal sludge on the floor. This basement had 2 feet of standing sewage water.



Toilet Sewage 2
This poor lady was in her 80's. She had her main drain line clog, but she didn't notice the basement bath for a couple of weeks.
Yes, that is fecal sludge in the toilet and 2" deep on the floor.